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Types of Diplomas

Types of Diplomas

Are there different types of Diplomas?

Yes, indeed! Some Colleges in South Africa make a distinction between programmes at either Diploma or Advanced Diploma level.

While Diplomas are at a level above Certificates but below Degrees, Advanced Diplomas makes the gap even smaller by squeezing in between Diplomas and Degrees. So, as the title itself suggests, an Advanced Diploma is a more advanced qualification than that of a normal Diploma, but it still falls in the category just below Degrees.

Where do other qualifications fit in?

To clear up any confusion, let’s give you a visual illustration:

Right, so from this you can see that the first level of academic qualification would be Certificates. The next step would be Diplomas, followed closely by the last undergraduate qualification, namely that of Advanced Diplomas. After obtaining a baccalaureate Degree, one can go on to enrol for various Post Graduate (PG) qualifications like Honours, Masters and Doctors Degrees, which are the ultimate academic achievements.

Duration of study

You might be wondering how long it normally takes to obtain the different qualifications, and that’s a very good question when it comes to planning your studies. Although the duration of study could vary according to different situations, the following is a broad indication of what one could possibly expect:

    • Certificates: 1 year of study

    • Diplomas: 1 – 2 years of study

    • Advanced Diplomas: 2 – 3 years of study

    • Degrees: 3 – 4 years of study

    • Post Graduate qualifications: 1+ year(s) of study

Please remember that these periods might differ from institution to institution and that is serves merely as an indication.